Sukhman Panag

Dentist / Boss

Education: Doctor of Dental Surgery, Loma Linda University. Respiratory Therapist, Loma Linda University.

Why I love working at Casa Dental: I consider it a privilege to help others and like to see my patients' smiles once their dental work is completed.  What I love the most, is to be a witness to the cycle of life as our children's 

patients grow up, get married and bring their spouses and later their own children to see us.

Fun Fact: I am half Korean and half Cuban. I play the violin and love to paint.




Education: B.S. in Health Information Administration, Loma Linda University

Why I love working at Casa Dental: I love people and building relationships with our patients, I consider them part of my own family.

Fun Fact: I've been married to Dr. Perez for 31 years.

I love New York!

Blanca Hernandez

Office Manager

Education: Dental Assistant, UEI College. MGE Management Experts-Executive Program Graduate.

Why I love working at Casa Dental: I like the satisfaction of watching people smile with confidence after we've done our work.

Fun Fact: Every year for April Fool's Day, I play a practical joke on Dr. Perez.


Publics Relations

Education: B.S. in Nursing, Loma Linda University 

Realtor-CA, Institute of Real Estate Management, San Diego


Why I love working at Casa Dental:  I love people, and helping them makes me very happy.


Fun Fact: I am Dr. Perez' little sister.

I plan reunions/vacations for fun