What is it?

Casa Dental's In-House Insurance is meant to provide an affordable alternative to other expensive insurance plans.

We highly recommend that patients without any insurance purchase the Preferred Plan to ensure your basic dental health needs are covered for the year.

In-House Insurance is purchased at a one-time yearly rate, per family member.

Benefits include:

No deductibles

No age limit

No waiting periods

No exclusions for pre-existing condidtions

No preauthorization needed

Download In-House Insurance: Terms and Conditions:

Preferred Plan

The Preferred Plan offers the best in basic dental health, and will save a family of four about $700 in cleanings over the course of the year.

The Preferred Plan includes:

Two Professional Prophylaxis (basic cleaning)

Bitewings & Necessary X-rays

Comprehensive Oral Exam

Periodic & Limited Exams (emergency examinations)

Oral Cancer ScreeningTMJ Screening

Prices are figured at a yearly rate and are as follows:

1st member: $250.00

2nd family member: $200.00

Any additional family members: $150.00 up to 17 years old. 18 years and older pay $200

Get rid of the middle man and save.

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan is for patients with dental needs in addition to their two bi-annual cleanings.

The Gold Plan includes everything mentioned under the Preferred Plan plus a 30% discount on all other dental services including :

Scaling and Root Planing (deep cleaning)



Crowns, Veneers, Bridges

Root Canals


Cosmetic Denstistry

Dentures (Full & Partial)

Mouth Guards & Splints

Anti-Snoring Devices

Prices are figured at a yearly rate and are as follows:

Individual Coverage: $50.00

*Gold Plans must be purchased in addtion to a current Preferred Plan and will expire according to the terms of the Preferred Plan